Walking Horses

       Our Walking Horses play a vital role at Cedar Valley Kennel. Tom has to have strong, safe, and reliable horses to compete at the National level.                                                  The horses have to be able to adjust to a variety of terrains and weather conditions. From freezing rain, ice and snow to high temperatures and humidity.                                          Training horses to    ground tie and hold steady for gunfire is a feat in itself. Throw in having dogs running all around them on a daily basis and the necessity for them to be safe for anyone to ride makes training field trial horses a full time job.

Training the horses to Park Out. This was the final training for these two Walking Horses before they left the farm for their new field trial homes.

     Palomino Walking Horse at Summer Camp in South Dakota

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A trial horse has to have the ability to have the dog roaded off the saddle. At anytime a handler may have to pick up a dog and head in. 

Raus standing by while Tom is flushing the bird. The horse does not take a single step. Training a horse to ground tie is vital.

Shane providing a great afternoon in the gallery for our friend Jenny to watch her dog run. Having horses available for the novice rider is a major componet of our Kennel.

Raus riding  Shane on the Prairie. Our most precious cargo.

Training horses for handling, scouting, and the gallery takes a great amount of patience and dedication. Having horses that even our children can safely ride is a vital component for Cedar Valley Kennel.         

Riding out in the hills of the prairie in Bonesteel, South Dakota.

 For information on Finished  Field Trial horses    to purchase or to have your horse come to  Cedar Valley Kennel for training contact Tom  at tomtracyjr@gmail.com or 615-390-3521.

Horse Roundup on the South Dakota Prairie. Cedar Valley style. 

Our Field Trial Horses getting the job done. Snow on the ground  and they are as sure footed as they are on dry ground.

Parker having a horse ride at the Georgia Brittany Club Trial held in Waynesboro, GA. Everyone gets to join in the fun at Cedar Valley.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Carlson click on photo for link to flashpointphoto.com


Getting a ride back to the dog wagon.