Cosequin ASU Sport is a vital tool                                                                            in our training program at                                                                                             Cedar Valley Kennel.

Sponsors of Cedar Valley Kennel

Nutramax Laboratories the makers of Cosamin, Cosequin and Cosequin Equine                 

Cedar Valley is very fortunate to be a part of the Nutramax family. Dr. Bob Henderson and his sons Drs. Todd and Troy Henderson have developed some of the most beneficial Joint Health Supplements on the market today. Not only do we use Cosequin ASU Supplements on our Canine Athletes and Cosequin Equine for our horses. Tom uses Cosamin for his own Joint Health as his body takes a beating after months of being on the circuit. These supplements have proven to give us the added protection we need from the demands of our daily workouts and competitions.

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Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20

Purina is who Cedar Valley Kennel relies on for all of our nutritional needs. Thanks to Purina who sponsors our competitions as well as the Brittany Purina Dog of the Year Adwards.   Cedar Valley Kennel Brittany's are Powered by Purina.

2016 Purina All Age Dog of the Year "Glade Run Irish"

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