Cedar Valleys Past Champions            

American Field Champion FC Ortho Acres Booker T 

8X/1XRU American Field Champion                   FC/AFC Early Times                                                (Retired)

Sons of Ortho Acres Booker T

        American Field Champion            2X Runner UP NFC/FC/AFC                   Cedar Valley Bandit                                          (Retired)                                            

       Grandson of Booker T

Runner Up American Field Champion                    Cedar Valley Spider                                  Owned by Kent Patterson

 American Field Champion                 August Rush                     Owned by Jason Stately

              Dakota Gun Runner's Buckshot                                    Son of Tiger (Retired) 

Booker T Daughter

FC Glade RUn Nutmeg (Retired)

   Great Grandson     of Ortho Acres           Booker T

               Tank 7 is now with Trainer, Tommy Hagen 


Dakota Alley Cat "Tiger"  1999-2015

"GiGi"   2002-2016

     FC Jay Hawk's Georgia GIrl

"Sadie" 2004-2015

      FC Roustabout's Sniksoh Sadie

        FC/AFC Chesterfields Molly                                  (Retired)


      American Filed Champion "Mike"              Went on to be with Mr. Jim.

  2016 National Champion          Roustabout's Flat Out            known to us as "Hank".               


Sadly we lost Hank the Spring after his NFC win. He was an amazing Brittany who will be greatly missed.