Our Owners and Amateur Handlers

This page is dedicated to our many owners and amateur trainers who have dedicated there life to the sport of Field Trialing, Breeding, and Training Brittany's. Their love and dedication to these remarkable bird dogs allows Cedar Valley to continue. Without them none of our success would be possible. Campaigning Bird Dogs in the field is a sport where the professional trainer and amateurs work together to keep the sport alive. Without these dedicated men and women working tirelessly at trials there would be no events to attend. We are grateful for all of the hard work and time they give to us year in and year out.

       Mr. David Webb of Valencia, PA is an avid bird hunter and has spent a lifetime breeding Brittany,s. He is also a writer and owns Glade Run Press where he has written and printed many books on Pointing Dogs and The Brittany.                                                                           David owned "Ortho Acres Booker T" who is the SIre of some of the most competitive field trial Brittany's on the ground today. Including the 2016 Purina All Age Dog of the Year, "Glade Run Irish" who was also the 2016 ABC Amateur All Age Champion. Another offspring is Multiple American Field Open/Amateur Champion 2XNFC/GFC/FC/AFC and 2014 Purina All Age Dog   of the Year "Uncle Kracker".                                                                                            At this time Booker has a string of Champion offspring on the circuit competing at every level. He produced some of the strongest Dam's who are continuing his lineage to this day with promising litter's. The goal of breeding is to raise the bar with each generation.  David Webb has suceeded in doing so.

(Mr. David Webb on Right at the Purina Ceremony for Irish)

Mr. David Webb                     

     Bo and his wife Renae of Claremont, GA have been with Cedar Valley for over a decade. Bo has been in Brittany's his entire life. Bo and his family have been instrumental in our success. By allowing us to train and campaign some of the most successful  Brittany's that have ever hit the National Circuit. Going back to his dogs Multiple American Field Champions Chester, Dakota Alley Cat "Tiger", Early Times "Earl",  and Chesterfield's Molly.                                                                         Currently Bo has 2XNFC/GFC/GAFC/FC/AFC Uncle Kracker who was also the 2014 Purina All Age Dog of the Year.  Bo's Gun Dog  "Gus" who is also known as GFC/FC/AFC Augustus of Tiger was named the 2014 Tri-Tronics Shooting Dog of the Year.                                        Bo has always participated in the breeding and campaigning of his Brittany's. Having won Multiple Placements in Amateur as well as Open Stakes. He has also done his part working as Chairman of Regional Clubs, ABC Regional Director and Stakes Manager of the ABC OAA Nationals. Bo and Renae have done much to contribute to this sport and to Cedar Valley's continued success.

Dr. Paul Rosevear                      

      Travis and Clayton came to Cedar Valley in 2008 after receiving a puppy from Mr. Jim Berkowitz. Jim bred his female to Bo Ackerman's Dakota Alleycat "Tiger" with his female  JB's Georgian Amber Blaze.                                             Jim was a patient of Clayton and Travis was an avid bird  hunter. Clayton got these two together and the rest is History! They named her Georgia's Texas Two Step "Georgia" and soon after sent her to Cedar Valley Kennel for training.                                                                                        From the beginning Georgia showed great promise as a competitive field Brittany. She was smaller than her litter mates, but she proved she could hang with the best on the circuit.                                                                                                     Georgia placed 3rd at the 2016 ABC All Age Nationals and was awarded the Christy Feather Award.  During the Spring 2017 season Georgia entered the very small group of one of the top placing females of all time.                   I guess it is safe to say that Travis and Clayton are committed to the Field Trial Game for years to come.

Travis and Clayton Tangen        

Mr. Jerry McGee                                   

    Jerry and Ruth came too their first summer camp over a decade ago. During that time they became part of our family. Jerry was an accomplished Amateur and Breeder who had many successful dogs on his string.                                      Tom and Jerry spent many hours in the saddle training and the dedication paid off for Jerry with his dog "Chug" which everyone in the Brittany world knows.                                                                                      Time has passed and we loss Ms. Ruth in the Fall of 2015. Since then Jerry has been a fixture on the circuit. Even though he had a setback in 2016 with his health he persevered.

     Jerry's current Champion's are RuJem's Last Penny and Roustabout's Flat Out 'Hank". Tom has been running Hank and Penny for the last year and Hank was the 2016 ABC All Age National Champion.                  Jerry had a few setback's but he is coming back strong.  With these two Champions to run I see no sign of him missing a single trial sitting still in Illinois.         

Ms. Ruth loved her dogs and loved to win!

    Paul resides in Petersburg, Kentucky and plays a major part in our breeding program.  Paul has dedicated many hours to researching pedigrees and bloodlines to match up SIres and Dams for Breeding. It has resulted in Champion level results. He has provided us with strong American Field Champion females to add to our Booker T  and Trucker lines.      Paul has also been very active with our Walking Horses and is a very accomplished Breeder of Tennessee Walking Field Trial Horses.                                                                                                     Roustabout's Kennel has many Championship Titles to show for all of this hard work  from  American Field Champions Jay Hawks Georgia Girl "GiGi"  & Roustabout's Sniksoh Sadie. Currently we campaign The Crash Scene, Roustabout's White Knight "Lance" and the newest addition Roustabout's Blew By "Blu" all of which have  won or placed in major Championships. 

Tom and Debbie Jagielski  

     Tom and Debbie have been a part of the Cedar Valley Family for many years. Jacoub's Buzz'n Bayou "Skeeter" is their pride and joy. Debbie messages Tom weekly to see how he is doing. Tom joins us at camp every summer just to work Skeeter and his young dogs.                                                                 Debbie and Tom reside in Illinois and are strong supporters of their local Brittany clubs. Including St Croix Brittany Club which runs in Thayer, Iowa.                                                Not only do these two compete in field trials they also participate in the Dog Show Arena. Debbie takes her young dogs into the ring and Tom competes in the Amateur Field stakes.                                                                                                                           Both of them enjoy the Brittany's and competing together with all of their dogs in the field.

Mr. Bob Travis                                      

Jack & Tara Alexander        

Dr. William "Bo" and Renae Ackerman

Ms. Joyce Miley Teutsch                     

Dr. Bob Rankin                                             

      Bob resides in Iowa and has been with Cedar Valley for several years. His young derby Roll On Ms Bella,"Bella" is showing great promise.                             Having Bob join our team has been such a blessing. He is always there to lend a hand whenever possible and just a nice person to have around.                                                                                                         As with most struggling to balance Trialing and work is a challenge, but he is there whenever possible.  We are looking forward to the day when he can come to all of the field events.                                       Bob has also worked so hard on our behalf with our Cosequin Family. Thanks to Bob Travis and the Henderson Family for all your support.                                                                   

     Joyce lives in Texas and entered the world of sporting dogs in the 1980"s. She began with Clumber Spaniels.                                                                         In 1990 she moved on to her first German Wirehaired Pointer and began field trialing. After a decade in that game she discovered the Brittany and continued  in GWP and Brittany Field Trials.                                                                                        She made her way to Cedar Valley through a mutul friend and now we train and campaign her Brittany TLM's Tall Tale "Sam".                                     Sam is qualified to run in the 2017 ABC OAA Nationals and we look forward to Joyce and her new husband Monty spending more time training and trialing with us.

      Can not say enough about Jack and Tara Alexander of Ohio. This dynamic duo along with their daughter Crystal are Cedar Valley's go to guys in Ohio.                                                                                           Jack has had dogs with us for many years and his dog CVK'S Spartan King "Leo"is off and running. Having won the Victorie Nationale Derby Championship in 2016 and the PA Derby Classic all within a few weeks.                                                                                    Not only does Jack run his dogs, but he runs many of our fellow owners dogs in Amateur stakes in their place. WIthout his success running these dogs many would not be in contention of the Coveted Purina Award.                                                                                         Jack has been instrumental in securing trial grounds at the Mingo Sporting Club and works tirelesly to keep the trial going. Jack along with his friend Bill McLewis work tirelessly for several weeks straight to put on a first class event. From Jack putting out the birds every morning to Bill's cooking and keeping the fireplace roaring.                                                                                    Jack and Tara are just the kind of people you want to have around. They bring excitment to our days from the moment they step out of the trailer until chores are done for the night.                        Our trials in Mingo would not be possible without all of their help and dedication.

Dr. Brian Hendrickson, DVM    

Weldon and Geralyn Eberhart              

Dr. Burton & Sharon Weiss

     Burton and Sharon came to us from St Louis, Missouri and with them so did Driving Miss Daisy II.  A phenominal female Brittany who has made her mark in the Field. Not only with winning Championship's, but producing a great litter of puppies. Who are already showing potential.                                                                                            Burton is the one you can always count on no matter how late or early. He will stand beside us and do whatever is needed. Dedicating endless hours to the Greater St Louis Brittany Club and it's trials at Grovespring, MO.                                                                            Burton is a true Bird Dog enthusiast who truly gets excited to just watch his dog.  Whether he is scouting for Daisy or a competitors dog he gives you 100%. He just truly loves to watch a Brittany do it's thing in the field.                                                                            Cedar Valley is a team that works together because of the example Burton shows to everyone in the field around us.

     In every organization there are those who are just Considerate and Kind.  Dr. Bob Rankin of OK is that person. Alway's a Gentleman of the Sport and caretaker of it's History.                                                        Dr. Rankin not only participates in the Brittany Field Trials he lends his knowledge to other Pointing Dog organizations.                                                          He has served as the President of the American Brittany Club as well as Regional Club Director. Dedicating many hours to the US Open and Victorie Nationale Derby Classic in Ardmore, OK.                                                                                                              Bob competes with his Brittany in Amateur stakes as well as campaigns his pointer. For many years he has also been respected for his time in the saddle judging in all genres of the sport.               Cedar Valley Kennels are fortunate to have Dr. Rankin as a member of our team.

       Dr. Brian Hendrickson of Ohio is one of Cedar Valley Kennels most vital components. Not only does he trust us to train and campaign his personal Brittany's. Brian provides our Kennel with our yearly health services.                    Having a vet who understands the demands placed on Competition Bird Dog and Field Trial Horses.  These animals are not just pets they are athletes. They require a unique program of care to stay at their optimal performace level. Having a member of our team that goes above and beyond to provide services to our animals is priceless.                                                                                                                 Brian operates Riverbend Animal Clinic where he dedicates countless hours to the care of his patients. Somehow he manages to  dedicate time to our National Club. Serving as a Regional Director for the ABC and Chairman of the Kentucky Brittany Club.                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                              Weldon and his wife Lyn joined us this                                                                                                                                                                                    Spring. They drove from Las Vegas to OK to                                                                                                                                                                              bring their Derby's  "Tilly" and "Scout" to the                                                                                                                                                                          Victorie Nationale Derby Classic.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Having the anticipation of being a first                                                                                                                                                                                   time competitor at the most prestigious                                                                                                                                                                                     derby for Brittany's in the Country was so                                                                                                                                                                                 exciting for Weldon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tom took Tilly to the line she put down an                                                                                                                                                                           excellent performance and was named the                                                                                                                                                                               2017 Victorie Nationale Derby Champion.                                                                                                                                                                               Tom headed to Ohio where Tilly did it again!                                                                                                                                                                           She was named the PA Derby Classic                                                                                                                                                                                             Champion a week later in Dreden, OH.                        Weldon and Lyn started off on the right foot with their girl "Tilly". It is rare to start right out of the gate taking all the            Blues. Cedar Valley is looking forward to continue working with Weldon's Brittany's and we are excited about their              futures on the Brittany circuit. We think Weldon and Lyn have a great future ahead of them with their Brittany's.

 Mr. Jim Berkowitz, GA        08/08/1948-10/23/2016

                                          Cedar Valley lost one of our most dedicated                                               sportsman when Mr. Jim passed away in the fall of                                         2016. No one was more excited and truly happy to                                       be around his bird dog then Jim.                                                                                        Jim served our Country and retired from the US                                       Army. He later worked until he retired at GA Tech.                                         Although he was a die hard Razorback Fan and was                                       always true to his home state of Arkansas.                               Jim was an avid hunter and loved up land game hunting in SD each year with Travis Tangen. He was in his element at camp and the trials. His love of the bird dog, horses, competing and breeding pups brought him true joy.                                                                                                               Jim Berkowitz was one of a kind and will be truly missed.