2016 Championships

2016 Mid South Championship                                      WR Kinwashkly's Fat Bastard "Fatz"   Owners Dr. William "Bo" & Renae Ackerman and Leslie Andreas                   Runner Up Glade Run Irish                         Owned by Mr. David Webb                       3rd Place Cedar Valley Spider                  Owned By Mr. David Webb                       4th Place Uncle Kracker, Owned by Dr. William "Bo" & Renae Ackerman

All of the top placing dogs were Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.

2016 Southern Open Brittany Championship WR Glade Run Irish, Owner David Webb                                                        RU Kinwashkly's Fat Bastard "Fatz",                                                        Owners Dr.  William "Bo" & Renae Ackerman and Leslie Andreas          3rd Roustabout's Flat Out "Hank", Owner Jerry McGee

Winner CVK's Spartan King "Leo"                         Owned by Jack and Tara Alexander                                  Runner Up Roustabout's Blew By "Blu"                   Owner  Dr. Paul Rosevear                                                   Handler Tom Tracy Jr. & Scout Mr. Tom Milam                                                                                                                  

2016 US Open Championship                  Runner Up Glade Run Irish, Owner Mr. David Webb

2016 Victorie Nationale Derby Championship        

CVK's Spartan King "Leo"

2016 PA Shooting Dog Championship WR Castaway Wilson, Owned by Tim Huglen                             Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.

Region 4 AAA Championship

 WR Uncle Kracker owned by                          Dr. William "Bo" and Renae Ackerman.          Kracker was Handled to the win                      by  Mr. Jack Alexander of Ohio.                            RU Levi Handled by his owner                      Joe Williams of Ohio.

2016 Nebraska Championship

WR Georgia's Texas Two Step       Owned by Travis and Clayton Tangen of Colorado.                        Georgia was handled by                Tom  Tracy Jr.                                        RU Kinwashkly's  Fat Bastard "Fatz"    Owned by Dr William "Bo" & Renae Ackerman of Georgia  and Leslie Andreas of Canada. Fatz was also handled by Tom.

RU Champion Kinwashkly's Fat Bastard "Fatz"

Champion Georgia's Texas Two Step

2016 ABC Pheasant Classic/Championship

WR Driving Miss Daisy II, Owned By Burton and Sharon Wice       RU Cedar Vallley Spider, Owned  By  David Webb                             3rd Place Kinwashkly's Fat Bastard, Owned By Dt. William "Bo" and Renae Ackerman and Leslie Andreas                                                                                   4th Place Roustabout's White Knight, Owned By Paul Rosevear                                                                                                                                                    Handler Tom Tracy Jr and Scout Mr.  Tom Milam                                                                                                                                      Judges of the Event were Mr. Ken Blackman of TN and Mr. Adrian Jackson of TX

2016 ABC Quail Championship

WR Roustabout's Flat Out "Hank", Owner Jerry McGee  RU Ru Jem's Last PennWy, Owner Jerry McGee                       3rd Georgia's Texas Two Steps, Owners Travis and      Clayton Tangen                                                                                            The top 3 dogs were all Handled by Tom Tracy Jr. with his Scout Mr Tom Milam.                                                                       Judges Dickie Sorrel and Charlie Collier

2016 Kansas Championship

WR RuJem's Last Penny owned by Jerry McGee and Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.

2016 Holman Classic

2nd  Place Kinwashkly's Fat Bastard "Fatz",  Owned By  Dr. William "Bo" Ackerman and Renae Ackerman and Leslie Andreas                                                                        3rd Place Dakota's Gunrunner's  Buckshot "Buck", Owned By Jim and Linda Berkowitz

2016 American Brittany Club Championship                                                 Open All Age and Amateur All Age Championships                                     

Awards Ceremony at the 2016 ABC Championship held in Booneville,  Arkansas in December.  Hank was named the 2016 All Age Champion.

Champion Roustabout's Flat Out "Hank", Owned By Jerry McGee                                      Handler Tom Tracy Jr. and Scout Tom Milam                                                                                       3rd Place Georgia's Texas Two Steps "Georgia", Owned By Travis & Clayton Tangen  Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.   "Georgia was also named Top Female Brittany for 2016"

American Field Champion Glade Run Irish

Glade Run Irish was the top points leader in 2016 and was named the Purina Dog of the Year. "Irish" is owned by David Webb and was                                                                        Handled by Tom Tracy Jr as well as                                                                                                Amatuer Handler Tommy Thomas.

This was an extrodianary Championship for Cedar Valley Kennel, Tom Tracy Jr and our Brittany's. Thanks to our Owners, Sponsors Purina & Cosequin for all of your support.

2016  Illinois Open Championship RU Jacoub's Buzzin Bayou "Skeeter"                      Owners Tom and Debbie Jagielski                                     3rd Place Lost Creek Shot of Bourbon "Streak" Owners George and Cindy McCann

2016 ABC Amateur All Age Brittany Championship                

Multiple Open/Amateur American Field CH     NAFC/GFC/GAFC/FC/AFC Glade Run Irish owned by Mr. David Webb of PA and Handled by Tommy Thomas of IL. "Irish" was named this years Champion.

2016 Purina All Age Dog of the Year                                              

Champion Georgia Texas Two Step, Owned by Travis & Clayton Tangen placed 3rd and was also named Top Female Brittany of the year. She received the Christy Feather Top Female Adward.

2016 PA Derby Classic    

WR CVK's Spartan King "Leo"                              Owned by Jack and Tara Alexander                RU Roustabout's Blew By "Blu"                          Owned by Dr. Paul Rosevear                                Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.