2015 ABC National All Age Champion   Open & Amateur American Field Champion        2XNFC/GFC/FC/AFC Uncle Kracker

The 2015 Season ended on a high with "Kracker" winning his second  National All Age Title. Uncle Kracker was Handled to the win by Tom. Kracker is owned by Dr. William"Bo" & Renae Ackerman of Georgia. He was Bred by Pam Baird of IL.

2015 Greater Saint Louis 1Hr Open All Age  

RU Georgia's Texas Two Step, Owners Travis & Clayton Tangen                         3rd Place Gunrunners Dakota Buckshot, Owners Jim & Linda Berkowitz     Handler TomTracy Jr. and Scout Tommy Thomas  


Bo and Tommy Celebrating         Uncle Kracker's Wins

2015 ABC Pheasant Classic/Championship         RU Roustabout's White Knight "Lance", Owned By Dr. Paul Rosevear   4th Place Uncle Kracker, Owned by Dr. Bo & Renae Ackerman                   Handler Tom Tracy Jr

2015 ABC Chicken Classic/Championship                                          RU Jacoub's Buzzin Bayou "Skeeter"                                                                   Owners Tom & Debbie Jagielski                                                                                    Handler Tom Tracy Jr

2015 International AAA Championship        Champion Glade Run Irish, Owned By David Webb                              Handled by Tommy Thomas

2014 Region 4 AAA Championship 

Champion The Crash Scene, Owner Dr. Paul Rosevear                                     Handler Tommy Thomas

2015 US Brittany Open Championship

Champion Glade Run Irish, Owner David Webb                           RU Kinwashkly Fat Bastard "Fatz"                                       Owners Dr. William "Bo" & Renae Ackerman                                 and Leslie Andreas                                                                                         Handler Tom Tracy Jr and Scout Tom Milam

2015 Victorie Nationale Derby Championship                                                               

2015 Illinois Open All Age Championship       

WR The Crash Scene, Owned By Dr. Paul Rosevear                                 RU Gunrunner's Dakota Buckshot, Owners Jim & Linda Berkowitz Handled By Tom Tracy Jr. & Scout Tommy Thomas

Raus Ran Glade Run Nutmeg "Meg"  in Georgia to a Blue in the Open Gun Dog Stake at the first trial of 2015

2015 Greater St. Louis 1 HR Amateur All Age                       WR Uncle Kracker who was Handled By Dave Capstick

RU Kashmir Handled by Tom Tracy Jr.